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homepage_imageASI Campus Laundry Solutions is the only company dedicated solely to laundry solutions for colleges and universities. We are committed to establishing successful partnerships with colleges and universities by fully understanding the specific needs of each school. We deliver superior laundry solutions built around:

  • Unrivaled PROactive Customer Service
  • Real Time and Online Account Management and Support
  • Innovative technology to better serve our partner schools

Our specialization in campus laundry ensures you will receive the best laundry solution, outfitted with high-quality, energy-efficient, and technologically advanced equipment maintained by certified ASI Campus PRO Service technicians.


UNK Laundry App


University of Kearney students are using their ASI laundry program on campus! For more information about what ASI can offer your school, visit the about us page and contact your regional manager.

Getting laundry done in college can sometimes come down to luck and timing.

UNK Freshman Colton Wierzbicki said, “I live in the hall so I just walk down here and if something’s open I’ll throw my clothes in. If not then I’ll usually look for the shortest time and set a timer on my phone and come down and put my laundry in.”

But now the students at UNK have a website and mobile app to help them find time to get their clothes clean. “It will tell them what machines are open and how much longer it is until a machine is available. They also can even put in their phone numbers or e-mail and it will send them a text message or e-mail when a machine is actually available,” said UNK Complex Director Jen Kacere.

Those who use the site and app say it is a great convenience.

“Sometimes I won’t be able to get my laundry in until 1:00 in the morning, and that was before I had the app because that was the only time I knew nobody was going to be down here and so now it could be lunch time, I check my app real fast and I’m like, ‘Oh hey, these washers are available, let me go run in,’” said Miranda Cherry, a Freshman who uses the Website and App. Cherry is also the Vice President of the Resident Hall Association at UNK.

The service does more than just monitor available machines.

Kacere said, “You can also use their app to put in a maintenance request for any laundry machine that may not be working so that they can send a service person out immediately.”

With the UNK campus averaging 30-50 students per washer, keeping them running is important. Students said getting the fixes done is a quick and easy process.

- Eamon O’Meara, KSNB-TV, Kearney, NE