A New Spin on Campus Laundry

ASI / Mac-Gray Campus Laundry Solutions is the only company dedicated solely to laundry
solutions for colleges and universities.

Over the years we have developed products, services, and systems to enhance every aspect
of campus laundry. Our programs consist of PROactive service, the best equipment available,
cutting-edge technology, and exciting student marketing programs that make students happy.




The CSC ServiceWorks  Service App

Reporting service is easier than ever before!

The CSC service app is a quick and simple method of reporting service. Available through Google Play or the iTunes store, the app allows the user to simply scan the license plate on the machine needing repair. All of the information required to place a service request will populate automatically, including the exact location of the machine.

Click here to download the app on your iPhone.

Click here to download the app on your android.


MACUHO 2014 Vendor of the Year

In recognition of ASI / Mac-Gray’s outstanding contribution and commitment to the work and mission of the MACUHO Association, ASI / Mac-Gray is awarded 2014 MACUHO Vendor of the Year.

LaundryView is now installed on more than 330 campuses nationwide

LaundryView® has been the #1 laundry monitoring system since it was developed in 2003 by Mac-Gray and is enjoyed by more than 500,000 students on more than 330 campuses across the country. Other e-monitoring systems simply cannot compete with LaundryView®! Front-end usability and aesthetic features include school-specific customization and access to the industry’s best educational resources, while the back-end technology provides rich reporting and service features that are not available with any competing system.

Click here for a live demo!

The Included Program

Because no one wants to be left out!

Students love the convenience of not having to worry about paying per load to do laundry. Our Included Program is the recommended financial option for all of our partner schools, because it provides one of the basics of campus life without the constant need to obtain additional quarters for laundry. Revenue to the school is stable since laundry fees are controlled by the school and built in to the housing rate.

Keeping it Local

Giving back to the local community

ASI / Mac-Gray partners with MONCO Enterprises, a non-profit organization that provides employment opportunities, work training, placement services, and employment support for individuals with developmental disabilities, to provide free Tide soap pod samples and a Laundry 101 flyer to students. Providing the students with the pods is not only a nice goodwill business gesture to the universities; it also educates the students on the proper detergent usage in High Efficiency machines, which helps keep those machines in good working order.