Let CSC ServiceWorks help your campus laundry program reach carbon neutrality.

Advancing Toward Carbon Neutrality


Our Lighten the Load™ carbon-offsetting program provides an opportunity for our partner schools to enjoy the benefits of participating in a worldwide effort to raise environmental awareness and to invest in emerging technologies and proven methods of carbon-footprint reduction.

Through carbon offsetting, your campus will take a step toward your climate commitment overall and will realize carbon-neutral laundry operations. We use the guidelines set forth by the November 2008 ACUPCC (Second Nature) Voluntary Carbon Offsets Protocol and only invest in offsetting projects that represent absolute and immediate greenhouse gas reductions through our partner, Carbonfund.org.


Commitment to Sustainability

LightenTheLoadCertificate_UniversityofChicagoOnce carbon neutrality is achieved, we present our campus partners with a custom-framed certificate acknowledging our mutual commitment to environmental preservation. We also help promote the carbon-balanced laundry program to the partner school’s students and the academic community through social media, email, press releases, or any other medium our partner would like to pursue. We’ve invested over $500,000 on behalf of our partners to offset more than 108 million pounds of laundry-related carbon emissions.